Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too Many Days!

It has been TOO many days since I last posted.  Blogspot wasn't working for a couple of days and it threw me off!  But, regardless... now I am BACK! :-) So, below are a couple of different mini-posts that have brewing inside even though I couldn't post.

Sometime you just need to eat a danish 
JD and I went to the grocery store to get groceries.  I REALLY wanted a danish.  I mean REALLY REALLY REALLY.  They just sat there and looked super delicious.  The appley, cheesy, strawberry frosted eyes staring up at me.  Begging me to buy them.  So, indeed, I decided that I would buy one.  And you know what.  It was DELICIOUS.  All 7 points!! I ate it with some fresh fruit and water.  I realized that we all have those days where you just need to eat a ________.  That day it was a danish.  Other days it has been a huge bowl of spaghetti.  And that's ok.  I tracked it.  I wrote it down.  And I ENJOYED EVERY BITE.  :-)  We all have to enjoy the small things in life. 

Game day 
Today was a great day.  It was game day.  As I have shared many times, game day is really hard for me.  I always want to eat what is made for lunch and I want to eat the huge dessert.  Today lunch was grilled cheese and ramen noodles.  It would have totaled over 20 points if I had eaten 1/2 a cup of soup and a grilled cheese.  Yikes.  Especially since I have no flex left.  So, instead, I ate my own lunch.  I made a delicious egg white omelet with a side of cracker chips.  It was filling and only 5 points!  And, I ate my own dessert.  :-) All in all, it was a success.

My new POLAR HRM! 
Thanks to Prior Fat Girl, I have been obsessed with buying a Polar HRM.  I used it for the first time today.  I still don't know how to use it all, there is a lot to do, however, it was SO cool.  It monitored my heart rate and told me what intensity I was working out at.  I can't wait to see all that it can do and how my goals and fitness plans will progress!!

Next week is the 5K!
I am nervous.  I really am.  A week from today I will be running a 5K!  Eeessshh... I have to keep on rocking and rolling.  *Le sigh.

That's all I have at the moment.  :-)  I hope it was worth the wait.  I am nervous about Tuesday.  I am hoping I have lost.  I have been following the points, but the scale doesn't seem to be moving.  Perhaps it was because of all the amazing work that I did in the last two weeks.  It has to slow down at some point!

Anyways, I am ready for another week of rocking and rolling.

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