Tuesday, May 10, 2011


YES!  It's true!!! 50.8 pounds!!!!


I thought I might faint!  I still have 18 pounds to go until goal, but that seems SO doable after 50.8 pounds!!!

I wanted to give deep personal insight into this exciting news and how I achieved it all, however, at this moment I just want to revel in the glory of awesomeness! :-)

THANK YOU x Infinity (remember when you said that when you were a kid!) to all the people who have been supportive of this journey (in no particular order)
  • Work friends
  • My team at school!
  • My wife/bestie (not actually my wife... but my best friend) 
  • My other amazing bestie roomie 
  • My dad who started the challenge with me... c'mon dad, catch up! :-D
  • Serina and Meg... BRP! :-)
  • JD
  • Mom
  • All the people I am forgetting 
Clearly I should never win an Oscar.  I would probably forget to thank the Academy... Man, I am SO excited by hitting 50!!!

Next goal, being in the 150s!  I am 162.8!  So close!  Can't fall of the wagon!  Remember, it's a MARATHON, not a sprint!
213 pounds!
In the 160s!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS EMILY!!! I'm so happy for you and proud of you! Your enthusiasm has been such an inspiration and a huge motivator for me! Can't wait to watch you continue your success! You are a rock star!