Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Not About The Pounds

(sung to the tune of that song "It's not about the money...")

Ok, sometimes it's all about the pounds.  But this week, it wasn't all about the pounds.  It was about training for my goal and achieving great things!  And I did achieve those things!  And I worked super hard.  And... I didn't track as well.  And I went WAY over at the graduation party on Saturday.  So, I knew that I didn't do the best this week.  And it showed because I gained a pound.  But you know what?  I didn't blink an eye.  I said, "These things happen.  Let's celebrate the 5k!"  Because truly, these things do happy.

I re-posted a picture on facebook this week, that I have posted here before because I showed a friend and he said he didn't recognize me.  It really is SHOCKING to look at the comparison.

I don't love my arm yet, but look at the difference!

So, this week.  It wasn't about the pounds.  This next week, we are back on track.  Which will be difficult because my dad is here so we are eating out twice, cabin this weekend  for a family/friend event (LOTS of food), vacation day on Monday, and less incentive to run now that the 5K is done.

My thoughts are that I will sign up for another 5K so that I can run it and keep the extra incentive.  I NEED to keep working out to keep my body healthy... but maybe I can add new ways too! 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

You'll know it's me today because I will be sporting my WW shirt, so I can continue talking to my students about achieving their goals! 

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