Thursday, May 5, 2011

Averted Disaster

Last night, I spent 45 minutes getting ready for today.  I made lunch, I got clothes ready, I got backs ready... I was set to run.

This morning, the alarm went off.  I was tired, so I snoozed once, ready to get up at 5:30.  The second time the alarm went off, I looked at the time.  It was 6:30.  It was too late.  I couldn't run like I had planned.  I wouldn't make it and get to school on time.  I was super bummed.

All day I worried that I wouldn't be able to get a run in.  Today was 15 minutes x2 with a 1 minute break!

I DID GET ONE! :-)  After school and before the science fair I went for a run.  It was painful and glorious at the same time.  It was hard, but I hit 38 minute mile! :-) YES!

And then my wonderful boyfriend had dinner ready for me. 10 points with delicious veggies!

Below are my points from today:
Apple (0)
Yogurt (2)
Cereal (3)

Rice (4)
Olives (2)
Beans (0)
Orange Pepper (0)
Apple (0)
BBQ Chips (2)

Hot Tamales (4)
Chili (5)
Noodles  (5)
Ice Cream (5)

Total: 32
Flex: 3

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