Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Goal Updates

Happy Sunday everyone!  I have had an amazing week this past week.  The classes I am in are AMAZING and the people that I have met are just wonderful.  I am lucky that there are 6 weeks left.  And while I want to write about all my adventures, my blog today is about what I need to do to stay on health track this summer.

So I began this summer with the following goals:

  1. 30 minutes of walking a day (easy to do since yesterday I walked like 4 hours) 
  2. 3- 30 minutes strength training a week
  3. Tracking everything I eat (not with points, but what I am eating) 
  4. Emailing Courtney 3 times a week and sending her pics of my food tracker and letting her know what I have been doing (whether I have done what I am "supposed to" or not)
  5. Trying to lessen my carb intake somewhat 
  6. Emailing/texting Shelby everyday (I added this one!) 
  7. In August, I will do a food cleanse
This morning I weighed in at Weight Watchers I am almost back at 170 pounds.  Ouch.  The last time I was up to 170 was when I got back from Chicago last summer.  I spent all last year taking BACK off all the weight I gained last summer and yet, here I am again.  170 pounds.  Blarg.  So, after being here for a couple of weeks and figuring out what is reasonable, I am changing my goals.  Below are the new goals. 
  1. Walk over 15,000 steps a day.  I already walk 60 minutes a day, easily, so I want a more concrete  goal. 
  2. Do 10 minutes of strength every other day.  Push-ups, sit-ups, body weigh squats. There isn't a lot of space for big workouts. 
  3. Daily track EVERYTHING that I eat WITH weight watchers points.  I have been writing down my food every day without weight watchers points.  I think it hasn't been keeping me accountable, so now I feel that I need to be kept more accountable. 
  4. Bi-weekly texts and emails of all my food diaries to Courtney.  I texted her this morning to make sure she agrees.  She is going to help keep me accountable. 
  5. Daily texts to Shelby. 
  6. Do a food cleanse in August, but not rely on the cleanse or my walking every day for my weight loss. 

As soon as I got home from Weight Watchers I threw away all the junk food that was on my desk.  I immediately started my tracking today as well.

I have come too far in 3 years to just throw it away in a summer.  There will always be challenges.  There will always be vacations, but I cannot go back to just eating however I want and thinking it will all workout.  I am going to keep my goals.  I am going to LOSE weight this summer.  I will NOT come back from NYC at 170! 

Here's to a brand new week!