Monday, May 9, 2011

Momma's 70th Birthday

As I posted yesterday, I know you are all waiting to hear how this weekend away went.  A weekend that was full of falling off the wagon potential.  A weekend that had more opportunities to overeat than Charlie Sheen has crazy moments (I know, Charlie Sheen was SO last month).  Regardless, to me, this weekend was a test.  It was a test to see, was this birthday party about my mom or food.  Mom, I know what answer you are hoping for. J 

I wanted nothing more than to stick to my points, to not go over my flex.  I had little flex left because I splurged so much in the beginning of the week, that I almost felt like this weekend was going to be a bust.  But, with FIERCE determination, I wrote a 50 in block letters on my hand.  You can see it if you scroll down a couple posts.  That 50 was a reminder to me all weekend that I am SO close to being down 50 flippin’ pounds.  I can see it.  I WANT it!  And tomorrow will be the moment of truth.  Truthfully, if I don’t hit it tomorrow, I will for sure next week.  I am on a mission. 

But, clearly I digress.  This past weekend.  You’re dying to know.  Did I make it work?  Did I stay on track?  I bet you can tell from the tone of this post. Drum roll, please.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, I WAS successful.  I stayed in my points.  I went for a run.  I was a WW BAMF this weekend.  (If you don’t know what BAMF is, google it.)

The food consumption was as follows:

Cereal (3)
Banana (0)

½ of a sandwich from Jimmy Johns (4)
WW BBQ pop chips (2)
Rice (4)
Taquito (5)
Cupcake (5)

Szechuan Green Beans (4)
Rice (4)

Total: 31 points
Flex Used: 2

Breakfast (followed by a 30 minute run!):
½ cup non-fat milk (1)
2 bananas (0)
Iced coffee (0)
Strawberries (0)
Blueberries (0)

AMAZING vegetarian quesadilla (7)
Wheat Salad (3)

Large piece of AMAZING vegetarian lasagna (10)
Death-by-chocolate chocolate cake (8)

Movie Theater Snack:
Popeyes Drumstick (3)

Total: 32 points
Flex Used: 3

Danishes (10)
Mixed Fruit (0)

Curry Vegetables (8)
Imperial Rolls (10)

Dinner: (I was still VERY full from our late and HUGE lunch!)
Sugar Snap Peas (0)
Carrots (0)
Tomatoes (0)
Cracker Chips (3)

Late-Night Snack:
WW BBQ Pop-Chips (2)

Total: 33 points
Flex Used: 4

All-in-all, I felt very successful.  There were chips and salsa.  The opportunity to eat Pad Thai.  Cake that could replace your boyfriend it was so satisfying (maybe a tad inappropriate?).  Regardless, there was food everywhere.  I could have fallen off.  I could have lost it.  I could have done a lot of things.  But I didn’t.  I did it on my own.  Will power.  And the want for the 50.  I want it SO BAD!!!  I am so close.

When I was showering the other day, I was imaging what it will be like when I hit the 150s.  That to me seems just ridiculous.  To be in the 150s.  But, if I keep on rocking out the way I have been.  I might be able to do it before I leave for my summer job.  Maybe.  And if not, it is something that I can work for this summer. 

I am sitting and looking at my food-tracking journal.  My FABULOUS WW friends left me notes this week.  I am looking at, “If you REALLY do it, it REALLY works!” and “YOU ARE WORTH IT!”  At this moment, I agree with both of them!

Cross your fingers for me.  Tomorrow is weigh-in day! J

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