Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

Hello Blog World!
It's been over a month since I posted... two people pointed it out to me yesterday so I decided I needed to post today.

Truth.  I have been a little embarrassed to post.  I haven't been to the gym in about a month.  And I haven't been the best at tracking every day.  I have not been the healthiest Emily. 

I could write about the last month of bad habits.
I could write about feeling sorry for myself.
I could write about being hard on myself for not following my plan.
I could write a super negative post.

INSTEAD... I want to keep up my positive attitude.  Even if I haven't been the best, I have been in great spirits.  So, instead of whining about how "bad" I have been, I am going focus on what I can celebrate!

Things to celebrate:
1) WAY over 10,000 steps everyday
2) NO SODA since May 22
3) UPBEAT mindset!
4) Staying between 180-186 pounds!
5) Someone shared with me that my blog inspired them to go to the gym and they lost 2 weeks in a row!
6) Someone wrote on Facebook that I am inspiration to keep them running.
7) I have been trying to stop eating when I am full.  Really listening to my body.

I saw someone post an Transformation Tuesday post!  I decided that I would also post for Transformation Tuesday.  Here are some photos from the last 5 years of this journey!  I am not at my lowest, but I am feeling good.  It's interesting to see how I have changed over the last 5 years.

213ish pounds

190ish pounds

170ish pounds-- Lowest! 

177ish pounds

192ish pounds

186ish pounds

I know that I need to keep paying attention to what I am eating and exercising! :-)  This journey is far from over.