Monday, February 27, 2012

Patterns of the 160s

There are sometimes I want to kick myself.  Tonight is one of them.  I have a case of the Monday F*its.  Yup, that means that this weekend didn't go well.  Yup, that means I am going to gain tomorrow.  Yup, that means I feel kinda crappy about it.  But, I am also planning to own it.  No one else chose to eat 50 crackers and 6 tbsps of cream cheese except me.  You say disgusting, I think delicious.  :-)

What I did finally notice though, is that I had a specific pattern that I need to break.  I have 2 awesome weeks, then 2 awful weeks.  And they always even out, but I am not losing.

So, after eating all those crackers, and feeling GROSS.. full, guilty, sluggish... I have decided that my March goal is to break this cycle.  I will attempt to stay on plan for all of March, even Spring Break!  And I will track everything!  And if I accomplish it, I will celebrate with non-food items!

My other March goal is that I will work out at least 3 days each week (not including rehearsals).

I can do this!!!! :-)

I found some old pictures last night and I couldn't even believe that the person in the picture is me.  I have to keep fighting the good fight.  I need to keep making this a priority in my life.  This is the time of the year I get apathetic!  But not this year... we will call it my own kind of March Madness!!!

So, while I will stay on plan Tuesday/Wednesday... and then March 1, the CHALLENGE BEGINS!!

Below is the photo I was talking about... I hope it inspires you a bit too!

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gamers Are NOT Healthy Eaters

I know this is a sweeping generalization.  But really, have you ever sat in on a DnD session?  There aren't many carrots with ranch dressing being passed around.  It's fat filled food, sugar filled sodas, the WORST (most delicious) kinds of snacks, candy, and other sweet treats.  I am not really exaggerating either.  If you have ever geeked out before with DnD (or some other role playing type game), you know what I am talking about.

So, you can imagine my stress around going to a gaming convention this weekend.  For 3 days straight JD and I will be gaming, role playing, rolling dice, wearing cloaks (not really, but that was for you DL and MW), and sitting on our butts with some of the Twin Cities most die hard gamers.  This is my second year going and I will be honest in saying that last year I did not count points that weekend at all.

If it were any other week, year, or month, truthfully, I might not.  But I have been SO on track the last 2 weeks, I have lost almost 6 pounds (and am back in my 150s!!!), that I don't want to blow it over Con of the North.  I am determined to see a loss on the scale.  So, instead of panicking and stressing I thought through the challenges...

  1. Sitting on my rear end for 3 days with VERY little movement. 
  2. Being around snack foods. 
  3. Not cooking for myself. 
  4. Having very little time between games. 
  5. Getting a f* it attitude (IF I blow it).
  6. At least 1 fast food meal. 
  7. A lack of sleep, which leads to a lack of good choices, and also lots of drinking caffeine (which I haven't been drinking as much of).
  8. The "reach-in-the-bag-and-eat-a-ton-of-crap-because-I-lost-count-of-how-many-I-ate-so-I-don't-care-anymore" syndrome.
I feel good about thinking through some of the things that are going to be hard for me.  And I have come up with my own solutions and (hopefully) it will help keep me from blowing it out hard. 
  1. I saved 40 of my flex points for Saturday/Sunday. 
  2. I have planned "walking" breaks into my schedule. 
  3. I purchased fruit and other 0 point snacks for when I want to snack. 
  4. I bagged ALL of my snacks and labeled them so I don't have the "reach-in-the-bag-and-eat-a-ton-of-crap-because-I-lost-count-of-how-many-I-ate-so-I-don't-care-anymore" syndrome.
  5. I wrote myself a note with healthy fast food choices. 
  6. I packed mostly water and a couple Diet Cokes. 
  7. I bought 2 lunchables to help with lunches.  Yes, I paid for convenience, but I will be able to tell how many points I am eating. 
  8. I packed my bag and told the boys that they are NOT to snack on my snacks. 
  9. I got some protein filled snacks to eat when I am feeling hungry. 
  10. I got WW friends to write in my book and have 4 friends ready to text me back if I need it. 
  11. And most importantly, I have actually sat, thought, planned, and really made an effort to stay on plan this weekend. 
Although I have snacky snack foods to eat, they are packed, counted and ready to be written down.  I have put myself in the best position possible for this weekend and I couldn't be happier!  I can tell that I am making a lifestyle change because it isn't about what I can get away with, it's about SERIOUSLY making healthy choices that are going to be better than before (if not good) for my body!

So, I will leave you with pictures of my plan... And you shall wait, with bated breath, to hear about my success... Because it WILL be a successful, not over indulging, weekend! 

My "snacky" snacks so I can feel like a true gamer. 

My 0-2 point healthier snacks. 

Lunchables, so that way I can have a point counted and ready lunch. 

Extra bonus: Here's my blog post from this same convention last year... You can read how it was NOT a success! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Don't Have a Clever Title

Man, it has been a long time.  A long long time.  I should apologize and say that I am sorry.  But that would be making an excuse... and clearly I could have written if I had been motivated to... So, I won't apologize and will instead just write what's on my mind.

This whole being healthy thing is not as easy as I would like.  In fact it kinda sucks... And I don't think that it will ever be easy.  The last couple of weeks have been pretty frustrating.  I have been waffling between 157-164.  It's just annoying and it's nobody's fault but mine.

I sometimes feel like I still have a disorder.  When I was in high school I really struggled with food.  I talked to many a therapist about my eating habits.  I used to just not eat food, but now it's different.  It's hard to talk about and even harder to explain.  But, in the spirit of being honest in this blog, I will try.  When I make the decision to not track, I seriously go overboard.  And eat and eat and eat and eat until I feel sick.  Far past what I needed to or really wanted to eat.  And I feel guilty and yucky.  It makes me  think that I can't help it, it's compulsive and I fixate until I eat it and eat as much as my mouth wants.  It doesn't happen all the time, but the last two weeks I have been giving into the unhealthy decisions.  I even ate 4 pieces of pizza one night and snuck McDonalds.  And it totally wasn't worth it.

So, this week I am really trying to focus on being healthy and appreciating my life that isn't about food.

This may not be the most exciting post I have ever written, but I am just glad to be writing again!


Happy Wednesday!!

Here are some pictures of my food today!  Yay healthy choices.