Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Everyday CANNOT Be An Exception

For the last couple weeks I have been saying, I will restart on Wednesday (when my Weight Watchers week restarts).  There are special reasons why THIS week I don't need to stay on plan. And then I really began to think about all the exceptions I have been making for myself and all the excuses I have been making about why I don't need to stay on plan.  Thanksgiving is next week and then the holidays come and then it's the new year and then... blah blah blah... 

Yesterday I hit a wall.  A "I don't fit into any of my clothes and I feel super not great at the moment" wall.  And then something just snapped.  I can't explain it.  I can't really express what made me feel SO determined.  But a surge washed over me and I decided that I NEED to make a change.

And then I had a very large revelation...


And with that strict determination and a weird rush of adrenaline running through my body, I grabbed markers and paper and started making posters for my wall.  

Even more importantly I decided to make an inspiration journal.  I love my inspiration journal.  It's filled with different pictures to remind of what I can do.  

And even more importantly super determined Emily from last night wrote struggling Emily a note about why to stay on plan.  

I also made a plan to write at least on thing a day I did to make me happy and to stay on plan. When I showed it to my WW group tonight, people were very impressed and thought it was a great idea.  I left the WW meeting feeling proud of my work.  Proud of myself.  And ready to rumble.  I started my new WW week today and have stayed exactly on plan, using no extra points and eating well.  

I am feeling excited and ready to really do this.  There are a lot of days coming up that could be exceptions, but I am determined to not let that happen.  I NEED to remember everyday CANNOT be an exception.