Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another 3.5 Down!

Ok, so I am not quite at 165 again, but this week I was down another 3.5, putting me at a total of 47 pounds lost!! :-) 

I am going to keep going down, sending out my complete food journal to Meg and Serina (I LOVE YOU BOTH!) and post my food journal here as well.

If I can lose 3.4 again, I will have hit 50!!! :-)

In other news, I have been doing a great job keeping up with my running! :-)  I ran a 39 minute 5K this morning.  I kept going and went 3.36 miles.

I am feeling excited and back on it! So, look forward to more tracking and updates on this week.  I am going out of town, so I may need some encouragement in keeping on track.

And even though I am loving working out, I am looking forward to sleeping in a bit in the morning.

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