Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, my weigh-in was yesterday.  I only gained .8.  I am still in the 160s.  168.8 to be exact.  My goal this week is to stay in the 160s and hopefully go down.  I was actually happy that I didn't gain more after eating like poo for 2 weeks.

The night before my weigh-in, I had an awful night and ate a Big Mac meal at 11 pm.  I was ASTONISHED that I still only gained .8.  I was so embarrassed about it that I wasn't going to tell anyone.  I was just going to hide the bag and lie to my friends.

But that is something that Fat Emily would do, and since I want to be a PRIOR fat girl, I am sharing.  I ate a Big Mac and fries late at night!  And I will own that. 

So, I am leaving you with a post from PriorFatGirl.  It was a great post.  And it sums up how I feel.  PriorFatGirl Post I liked

I can't wait until I can go back to WW meetings... I continue to leave some love to Meg, Serina, Caitlin, Christy, Wagers, JD... and all those who are there for me on a daily basis.

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