Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Feeling Gross

So, yesterday was weigh in and day and for the second week I gained weight... BLARG!  That's truly how I feel.  BLARG!!   It's funny too because I walked into school today and people were commenting left and right about how skinny I look.  That made me feel pretty happy because I wasn't feeling oh-so-great before then.

I have discovered what I think is to be part of the problem.  I am back to my old eating ways.  And I don't mean eating THOUSANDS of calories everyday, but what I do mean is the Emily who doesn't care if she is full or not and will just keep eating.

Destined to have a good day today, I diligently wrote down what I was eating today:

Lean Pocket
Chicken Drumstick
1/2 cup of mashed potatoes

Tuna Salad (more salad than tuna) :-)

With this plan in mind I felt good to start the day.  Breakfast went as planned... excellent...

Then lunch arrived.  I was accidentally given 2 chicken drumsticks and more potatoes than I wanted.  So, instead of throwing it away, what did I do?  Eat them.  Both.  And the corn salad.  AND A YOGURT!  Why did I eat the yogurt?  Because it was there... what kind of dumb ass reason is that?  Ok, you would think that I would stop there, because by this point I AM NOT HUNGRY!  But my mouth and my sweet tooth are saying... "HOT TAMALES!!"  So, what did I do?  I ate them too.

Yup, dinner hasn't even happened yet and I have no points left today.  And were the extra points worth it?   NO!!!  So not! 

I could get mad.  And cry (which I did do last night), but it's SO not worth it.  I will work out tonight.  I will eat WW tuna salad (more salad than tuna) and I will make sure that I am writing down EVERYTHING that I eat.  I am going to be a tracking fiend.  And I am going to lose this week. 

Because at this moment.  I don't feel satisfied... I don't feel happy... I just feel GROSS.... My stomach is all wonky and I just feel BLECHY (yes, that is a word I made up... it's called an Emilyism).

To quote a friend (who also happened to have quoted another one of our friends):

I got an e-mail from a friend this week about hitting a hurdle.  She says:

"If you bump into a hurdle, pick the hurdle up and kick that bitch off the track!"

So true...Hurdles are going to happen.  That is just part of life.  Once you are willing to admit that you are there, kick that bitch right off the track and GET BACK ON!

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