Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kicking This Week's Ass With Food

Since I am no longer throwing myself a pity party about not losing weight, I have decided that I am going to kick ass this week!!

I blogged early today about my choices of food today.  While I went over my points, I stuck with my plan to have salad for dinner.  And after I was good with the food, I jogged for 15 minutes after some rocking inspiration.

Keeping with the butt-kicking plan, my meals for tomorrow are all planned.

Carnation Breakfast Shake (4 points)
Watermelon (0 points)
Coffee (0 points)
Iced Tea (0 points)

Salad (0 points)
Tuna Salad (4 points)-- Complete with capers, black olives, and other deliciousness.
Light and Fit Vanilla Yogurt (2 points)
Weight Watchers Honey Dijon Pretzels (3 points)
Water (0 points)
Iced Tea (0 points)

Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl (15 points)
-Mild Salsa
-1/4 amount of sour cream
-1/2 guacamole
-LETTUCE (as much as will completely fill the bowl!!)

So, that's my day! :-)  And for your viewing pleasure I am including below the picture of my delicious salad with tuna and veggies, and my lunch spread for tomorrow.

Delicious 4 point salad. 
Lettuce, baby corn, olives, tomatoes, chives, capers, and tuna salad.

Food. Already prepared for tomorrow.

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