Monday, March 7, 2011

Weigh In Tomorrow

Well, this week has been a mix of goods and bads.  I had a great week up until today.  Which of course makes me super nervous about tomorrow... Weigh in day... duh duh duh (ominous music)...

The last two weeks I have gained weight and this week I am just NOT interested!!!!  I have been working SO hard and have worked out ALREADY 4 times this week.  This is one of the most stressful weeks EVER and I have still managed to make time to work out.  I am really trying this no excuses.

The problem arose today with POPPYCOCK popcorn!  DO NOT EAT!! DO NOT EAT!! For 1/2 a cup, which is like 5 pieces of popcorn, it is 5 points.  I ate 10 points thinking I was eating like 3.  But not true.... 10 points!  YUCK.  It totally blew my eating plan today.  And then, since I had already gone over, I ate more at dinner and 5 twizzlers after.  This is not a good mentality to have.   The f* it, I have already screwed it up... so when I realized that's what I was feeling, I decided to pop gum into my mouth.  I also plan to jog for another 20 minutes again.  So, way to go me on making an immediate change.  I CAN do this.  I WILL make goal.  This week I WILL go down!

And regardless of my weigh in this week... I should feel proud to have jogged 4 times, each for 20 minutes, in one week!  That is FOR SURE a E.Tinawi record! :-)

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