Monday, April 4, 2011

Exciting News

I HAVE OFFICIALLY SIGNED UP FOR A 5K!!! :-)  As part of Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge!!  I am so excited!  It's already paid for and in my calendar.  And I am GOING to run it!  I have planned out my running schedule from now until the 5K and it is totally do-able.

I am the busiest that I have been in a long time.  At this time last year I totally fell off the wagon and did not get back on until August.  I am determined that this will not happen this year.  You might not have been able to tell this weekend.  And that was disappointing because I was SO good last week.

On Tuesday of last week I planned all my week days.  Then on Saturday I still made good choices! :-)  And I went out twice this weekend, but I did a good job and planned for it! 

Friday at Olive Garden:
  • 2 breadsticks (8 points)
  • Salad with dressing on the side... I just dip my fork in and eat the salad with tiny bits of dressing (2 points)
  • Shrimp Caprese (I had them box 1/2 of it!) (21 for the whole, 10 for half)
I didn't go over my points on Friday because I planned for them.

Saturday at Big Bowl:
  • Summer Rolls 
  • Stir Fry (I asked them to give me 1/2 the amount of rice and 1/2 the amount of ginger sauce)  
I did a good job of tracking and planning.  Sunday KILLED me.  Not only did I finish off my flex points, but I went WAY over them AGAIN!  ARG!  I know that if I go up this week it is because of that misstep and not exercising.

So, this 5K plan is going to keep me exercising!  I am DETERMINED-- DETERMINED-- DETERMINED that I will run as much of it as I can! :-) And I know I can do it.  I want to hit my 50 and so far today I have shown myself that I can say no to bad snacking and just be full. :-)

I will need your help to keep me motivated and on-track.  But that's why I blog, it keeps me honest... and I do hope that it helps other people out there on their journey.

That's all I have for you today.  Have a healthy week and a wonderful Monday.

Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip.
Arnold H. Glasgow

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