Monday, March 7, 2011

The Rock

No, no.  Not the ROCK, but a rock.  A rock that sums up my growing up and my father's motto.  "Tinawis never give up."

There is a story in my family, more like a legend to my dad, about a time when I was 6.  We were at the beach and I found this huge ass rock that I thought was a fossil.  I told my dad that I REALLY wanted the rock.  He told me that in order to keep it, I had to carry it.  I clearly don't remember this moment in the way that my dad does, but when he retells the story, it is clear that the walk to the car was painful.  I cried and pouted and cried some more.  I begged my dad to carry the rock for me.  I am sure I used my cute puppy dog eyes to try and plead my case.  It was no good.  No matter how hard I begged, he still said no.  I could have given up but gosh darn it, I was going to get that damn rock to the car because it was a fossil.  Well, as most good stories do, this particular event ended well and that rock is still with my dad today.  He takes it with him to every house he lives in as a reminder that Tinawi's can do anything and that they never give up.

As many of my dearest friends know, sometimes this stubbornness can be a pain.  But, often, when I set my mind to do something I DO it.  Someone used to call me, "Doesn't do anything in moderation Emily".  Go big or go home baby.  I really do believe that.

Tonight, feeling kinda yucky from the tons of extra food I consumed, I decided that I was going to run on the treadmill.  Yes, I know I shared that with you.  And I really had planned on just writing an "Update" to my last post.  But then, something happened.  In truly Emily fashion, and being cranky and stressed with school (as well as bloated and crampy), I decided that I wanted to run 30 minutes.

There were several points throughout those 30 minutes that I wanted to quit.  That I wanted to either throw in the hat, throw up, die, or all of the above.  However, I thought of my kids, who just today I told that in order to achieve our dreams we HAVE to work harder than we thought possible.  And I thought of my dad and the rock.  And not wanting to lose to myself, I pushed through my self-challenge.  And 30 minutes and 2.4 miles later, I stopped the treadmill, did some stretches, and feeling flippin awesome.

Will I be able to jog 30 minutes every time?  Probably not.  Will I continue to work up to 30 minute jogs?  Hell yes.  At some point will I surpass my 30 minutes?  At one point, a point not all that long ago, I would have said no... however, this week, pushes from some friends, and rock-like determination has shown me that indeed I can.

I wish I could leave you will some a**-kicking words so that you could leave this message feeling empowered... but, in the hopes that the rock and my night will speak for itself, I bid you goodnight.  With a smile and pride I sign out for the evening. 


  1. I well remember that rock and the tearful little girl carrying it.And I have every confidence that you will carry get this one.

  2. Oh the rock story! One of my favorites.

  3. I LOVE the rock story, such a great analogy! Congratulations on your 40lbs down, you are doing amazing!