Friday, April 8, 2011

Preparing for the Day to be RUINED! AKA WW Walk-It Day #2

Well, last night I was SUPER pumped to get ready for a healthy day! :-)  I had made a delicious dinner, so I put it into a container.  (I meant to take a pic to blog about when I was eating it, but I got super excited and ate it all really fast).  After I was done with my work I stayed up late making sure everything was ready for 5:15 am wake up!!

I set out my clothes.

Packed my lunch.

Put it in a cute lunch bag.

And at 5 am, I was happy I did all that.  I ran 1 min and walked 1 min, 10 times.  I feel awesome!  I feel worked out!  I felt READY to run this 5K!

It only continued when I got to work!  I was SO hungry that when I got to school and I put some Rice Krispies in with my fruit! :-) DELICIOUS.

I was so excited, feeling good... and then disaster struck!  Because of office mishaps, I didn't have time to eat lunch and we had to go straight to the BOWLING ALLEY... duh duh duh.... (that was a musical emphasis, in case you missed it).

Yes, this is where the panic began to sink in.  I had to eat at the bowling alley.  By this point I was STARVING!  So, I looked at the menu and decided on chicken tenders.  Well, chicken tenders were cheaper with fries, so I got fries too.  And of course honey mustard.  So, 34 points later I felt bummed that I had eaten so many flex points.  BUT, instead of feeling sad and defeated, I changed the rest of my plan for the day.  Instead of getting a burrito bowl with rice and the fixins from Chipotle.  I got a burrito bowl sans rice, fajita veggies, 1/2 the serving of beans, chicken, a dab of sour cream, a dab of guacamole, 2 big spoonfuls of the fresh pico, and as much lettuce as would fit in the bowl.  Needless to say, with all the greasy food consumed that day, I wasn't very hungry for the bowl and only had 1/2 of it.  But I felt good about my choice.  This is proof to myself that I have changed and that I CAN make good decisions.

WW Day 2... ruined, and then success!

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