Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Can Almost Taste It!

Well, all my hard work last week REALLY paid off!!! I was down 3.4 pounds this week! :-) 

Proof that I lost 3.4!  I am officially 165.4!

I am 1.8 pounds away from 50 pounds total!!!!!!  AHHH!!! 1.8!   I can do that!  I got this!!!  It was an amazing feeling today knowing that I can do it.  I have to keep to the points.  I have to track EVERYTHING.  Every last BLT (bite, lick or taste).  From coffee to olive, it all gets written down.  Also, I don't NEED carbs in everything!  Tyson 3 point chicken is my new hero! :-)

I feel SO good.

This is EXACTLY the kind of boost I need to keep me feeling motivated.  Especially since running is not going as well as I had hoped.  This morning I got up, ran for 1 mile and then had to walk the rest.  30 minutes total, but not the best.  I decided that after school I would run again.  I tried again to run a mile, but alas, I made it a total of 8 minutes jogging before my chest couldn't handle it any more and I had to walk.  Buah... this 5K is not going to be easy!!

However, this week was an amazing week.  I haven't felt so healthy or good about my eating choices.  AND, I showed a lot of willpower.  All week.  Focusing on my goal, REALLY thinking things through, knowing that even a BITE gets written down, kept me focused and on track. 

I am nervous though.  This next weekend is a conference weekend and those are hard for me.  So, I will start planning through it now.  And I will save my flex points.  And I will be texting those people in my life that keep me on track.  And, perhaps I will write the #50 on my hand so I can continue to think about the fact that I am only 1.8 POUNDS AWAY!!!

So, that's that.  3.4 in one week after a LONG plateau!  Feels good.


  1. Great job Emily! If you are having a bit of a hard time starting with running, follow John Bingham's run/walk program. That is how I did both of my half marathons. His book, "Running for Mortals," has 5K training programs with walk/run, run/walk and run options. My favorite watch to use for the run/walk is the Timex Ironman with the 2 interval feature. Good luck!

  2. Em's I am so proud of you! I tell you, once you make up your mind, stick to it, and follow the program, amazing things will happen. I am glad the starting on Tuesday trick is working for you. Way to go!!!