Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Walk-It Challenge Day 1

I am not like my friend Serina who talks about learning to love moving.  Man I wish I was.  I actually despise it.  I actually hate working out.  I like dancing, I like zumba, and I generally like swimming, but after a while I get bored.  And there are MANY MANY MANY other things that I would rather do.  The after glow is great, but still, I would rather not HAVE to work out.  I wish basketball games at my school would just happen or I could take a zumba class regularly (no time or money).   With all that said, I know I owe it to my body to get my a** off the couch and move! 

So....  EARLLYYY this morning I started my Walk-It challenge 5K workout.  Holy bojangles was it painful.  Who knew that 2 weeks off would make it feel like I have NEVER worked out before!  Running 1 min and walking 1 min ten times should not have kicked my rear as much as it did.  I mean, I was hurting my side was killing me.  But, hey!  In 2 months I will be running a 5K, so it's worth the pain.  Well, I need to keep reminding myself of that!

Smiling even though I secretly (or not so secretly) hated life for being up early

The After-Workout Glow

Tonight was my weigh-in.  Didn't go down, but I didn't go up.  Standing at a steady 168.8.  Good and bad all at the same time.  More frustrating than anything.  However, afterwards I stayed for the whole meeting!  This is something that I haven't been able to do because of my class on Tuesday.  It was so amazing to sit in the meeting and be able to be surrounded by my Weight Watchers family again.  Seriously, it gave me the push that I needed to get this week started right.  We are all going to do the 5K walk together and it was just the best! :-)  I LOVE that we are going to do it together and that we are going to get ready for it together. 

After the meeting we went to dinner together.  We went to Chilis.  I didn't make great decisions, but I didn't make awful decisions either.  Regardless, it was amazing to be able to sit and talk freely about things.  Not only that, but I just love those ladies.  A lot.  They are just amazing people and I feel proud to know them.  I am ready to continue on this journey and know that I can do it.

This is my new idea for the week, taken from Meg, I am going to really track my dinner from tonight and count it towards my points for this next week.  :-)

Tomorrow, a workout day off, a day to sleep in a bit, and the SECOND day of my weight watchers week! :-)

When you get to a plateau, think of it as a landing on the stairway to your goal. And maintenance is a lifelong plateau, so a bit of "rehearsal" for maintenance isn't the worst thing in the world.


  1. Dinner was so much fun tonight! I am so glad you could make it!! Looking forward to the 5k...we rock! Kick ass this week :)