Sunday, April 17, 2011

Conference=Off the Wagon

Yup.  After ALL that hard work last week.  I fell off the wagon.  These past 3 days were AWFUL!  I was good with my exercise, but bad with eating.

So, although I followed my plan for running, I fell off the wagon HARD CORE with my eating.  It's hard when you are given what to eat.  Although, I did have people reminding me and helping me.  I can tell that this summer I will have support.  I just need to figure things out better for myself when I have these conferences.  I probably should have planned my eating better.  But I didn't.  So instead of focusing on my monumental failure, I am focusing on what I can do for this week.

I spent the last hour chopping food (watching Game of Thrones on HBO) and getting three days ready, so that I can have three days of healthy lunches.
Three days of breakfast and lunches! Virtually no points, but completely delicious!!

My lunches will consist of salad, either my cole slaw with limes and salt or my salad with cheese and olives, orange peppers, chicken to go on top, watermelon, and grapes.  My lunches will be fruit with yogurt and granola.  Little points, delicious food.

I need to be held accountable this week, so in addition to writing in my journal, I am also emailing a very dear friend of mine my daily food so that I can stay on track.  Hopefully that will help get me back on the wagon.  Thank goodness to her and having her to keep me on track.  For my own state of mind, I hope I didn't botch all that hard work last week this week.

Here's to hoping I didn't gain too much.

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