Wednesday, February 16, 2011

McDonald's Breakfast

At the moment I live between two houses.  My apartment with my wonderful roommates and my boyfriend's house.  Since I am 3 days in the apartment and four days in the house, it makes having and buying groceries very difficult.  This week was particularly bad because I was gone all weekend, so JD and I did not get the chance to go grocery shopping like we normally do.  When I do that, I can pack my lunches for all week and take food that I have made to the apartment when I stay there.

Anyways, this week I have not really had food, so I have had to purchase a lot of food on the go, which I hate.  I have been getting that McDonald's oatmeal without the cream and the cranberries, which is only 5 points.  This morning, however, I decided since I have extra points for today I would get a bagel with eggs and cheese.  I figured it would be a treat for me!  Well, I feel AWFUL.  I feel like I swallowed a stone and it is just sitting in my stomach.  It does not feel good at all.  So, here I am blogging about it so that I can remember next time I do not want to get it.  The old Emily's stomach could take it.  The new and improved Emily's stomach does not like it at all.  Yuck.

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