Sunday, February 13, 2011


Last post today, I SWEAR!

After coming home from the conference, I knew that I HAD to work out tonight.  However, I didn't want to do my zumba video, I didn't want to do my Dancing with the Stars video, or my Biggest Loser video. 

I have had the Rhianna song, S and M, in my head for 3 days.  So, instead of working out, I just started to dance.  I danced and danced and danced... I danced to S and M, Hey Baby, Bad Romance, Cotton Eyed Joe, Living in America, and S and M (3 times total).

It was SWEET dancing.  A combination of jumping, country line dancing, kick boxing, zumba, jazzercise, Hugh Grant from Love Actually, and a 4 year old watching Sesame Street... I danced like no one was watching, because no one was... and it was incredible.

Not only am I sweating, but I have a smile that goes from ear to ear.  Stress relieved... check!

And to end it, a 45 second plank!  2 years ago, not even imaginable... 2011, possible!


  1. I just found your blog after seeing that you won a giveaway on Prior Fat Girl (congrats, by the way!) and have enjoyed reading so far. I've added you to my reader and look forward to reading how your journey is going! Melinda ( is my weight loss blog)

  2. You know I wish I could've been there dancing too

  3. Hey Emily, I just came across your blog after you won the giveaway on Jen's blog, and I was like, "hey, I know her!" Small world that we both happen to read the same blog. You look fantastic, congrats on the weight loss, and I'm glad to see everything seems to be going well! Keep up the fantastic work!