Thursday, February 10, 2011


So, the last two days have been AWFUL.  School has been exceptionally difficult and life has just been hard.  And my eating has been well... terrible.  More than half my flex GONE already.

And tomorrow I head to a conference in DC...

I have been sitting here and feeling mopey and blaming everything but myself.  As I have previously mentioned, I really have no will power.  My friend Serina said this in her blog, "Today I choose to STAY STRONG when I FEEL WEAK.  Food is something I CAN control in my life and work/car issues I CAN'T." I know that I need to adopt that mentality.  I can always say, "Oh, well today was bad so it was ok.  Or this weekend is going to be super busy so it's ok."  But really, this is life.  It isn't always going to be wide open days, healthy food, and good moods.

Tomorrow is a new day... and conference or not... I will be making good choices.

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