Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My New Frenemy!

Day 4 of my new personal training and I have made a new frenemy.

No, I am not talking about my personal trainer!  She is FANTASTIC!  Seriously.  Fantastic.  EVERYONE should get a personal trainer as WONDERFUL.  We laugh, she pushes and forces me to challenge myself, but she is also very positive and uplifting.  Today she told me that she likes my personality and that I make her want to high five!  Life accomplishment of willing people to high five without even knowing I was doing it or that I wanted to do it, check! :-)  I don't LIKE working out, but she makes it sort of bearable.  She is also super positive about my weight loss and the ups and downs.  I feel lucky to have found her and I know that she will keep supporting me through this life journey.

Now, onto my frenemy.  I love/hate the KETTLEBELL.  There is more hate there than love.  I have to whip it in the air, use my hips, and thrust, to make it swing.  I start with both hands and then I do it one hand at a time.  I also have to do lunges with the kettlebell in my hand.  And I have to do cruches with the kettlebell on my chest.  I LITERALLY hate it more than itself.  Every time I swing, I just want to swing it out the window and then LEAVE IT THERE!!!  Apparently, at some point I am going to love how it makes me feel.  At this moment, I am not quite there.  I hate it.  :-)  So, for now, it will remain my frenemy.

Me, post-workout!

Soon to come, my meeting with Jen!

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