Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Day My Run Turned Into A Glee Episode

I am supposed to be getting ready to go to the airport in 30 minutes.  But I HAD to share my morning workout with all of you.  This is especially for those of you who know me.  This won't surprise you one bit.

My personal trainer has me on a 6 day a week plan.  6 days of the week I have to workout.  Blech.  I am trying to change my mindsets like I learned and be excited and understand that what I am doing is good for me, but man is that hard.  So, I am struggling.  Well, this morning I was supposed to run 2 miles.  I started off great!  I walked my 5 minute warm-up and then was jogging.

At some point while I was jogging around the lake I started to feel defeated.  I started to feel frustrated.  My inner dialogue went as such, "It's such a beautiful day, why can't I enjoy this run?!? I have done WAY better than this before.  I can do this, I can do this.  I don't want to do this.  This would be way more fun if it were on TV.  This would be the perfect day for a Glee episode.  People would be singing and dancing... Actually,  this would be a GREAT set for Glee.  It's beautiful.  There's a lake.  There are good camera angles.  And there is an especially good road to dance on.  YES!  This is a great dancing road.  Wait.  Why am I not dancing?  I have music in my ears.  There are very few people around.  My heart rate will stay up..."

And with that, I began to dance my way around the rest of the lake.  I did all the different routines you do across the floor in dance class.  I did some skipping.  I did some kickboxing punches.  I did some Zumba moves.  And I definitely gave the other people around the lake something to see.  But you know what?

It was the most fun I have had EVER working out.  Not only that, but I burned over 300 calories which was my target for today.  It was a good way to start the day and...

Mr. Schue would have been proud!!!


  1. Hi Miss Emily! You wouldn't have been running around Lake Phalen, would you? If so, please let me know when you will be running next. I'll set up a lawn chair to watch the homegrown Glee episode! :)

    Seriously, if it was Lake Phalen, let me know. I started biking around the lake a few weeks ago and it would fun to meet up for a bike ride!

  2. It really is amazing when things just start to click into place. Working out is very much a mental game. I am in the process of splitting up my workouts, which makes them feel twice as long. I wish i could have a glee episode happen with my workouts! That would be awesome!
    It really is about getting your body moving, and having a good time doing it. If you can enjoy your workouts you will be more incluned to stick with them, and you will grow into a pattern and end up needing them.
    It was touched on briefly at the PFG event, once you establish you workout routine and your body learns it, your body will crave those endorphins and you will get cranky without it.
    So just look forward to that! :)