Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back on Track Day 1!

Last night JD and I went to the grocery store after my weigh-in.  It was as I expected.  I have gained 10 pounds since I was at my lowest 161.8.  I am now 171.8!  That's ok though.  I knew it was coming.  So, anyways, last night I went grocery shopping.  I got many many good fruits and vegetables.  This week I am getting myself back on track.  Back to a healthier lifestyle.

Here is how my day started:
8 point breakfast!

My tracking!  I wrote everything down!

In a couple hours I am going to go to Zumba and start exercising again! :-)

I can do this!


Zumba Class was full! :-(  But, I do have an appointment with the personal trainer on Friday! Yay!

Also, below are my lunch and dinner from today!  I have to have dinner on the go, but no junk food for me!
My delicious lunch! Which was followed by a 4 point ice bream bar!

Dinner on the go!  No fast food here!

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