Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Funk Update

I am rising from the funk... Ha.  That sounds kind of funny.  But I really am working hard to be positive.  This yucky cold weather makes it more difficult, but I shall prevail.

So, let's update on some of the goals that were made for the week!

Here are goals for this week...
1) Buy new running shoes. Not completed yet.
2) Buy new workout clothes (2 shirts, 1 pants) Not completed yet.
3) Fold all the clothes in my room on the floor. Not completed yet.
4) Clean up the study. Not completed yet.
5) Write on thing that I like about myself every day on a list.
    TUESDAY- My hair.  I like my hair.  It's long and shiny.  It feels nice to play with.  And it looks good on most days.
    WEDNESDAY- My passion.  I love that I am passionate about things.  Sometimes to a fault.  But I love that I care so much.  It makes life better (and harder sometimes).  I feel very fulfilled by the things I do because of this.
6) Run two times. Work out with Courtney once. And be ok with three times this week! Not completed yet BUT STARTED... One workout with Courtney DONE!  Another one on Sunday!  That's going to be TWO!

And although I didn't make any food goals this week, here is what is on today's menu:
  • Breakfast-- Chobani Flip (6 points), Blueberries and Raspeberries (0 points), Coffee (1 point) 
  • Lunch-- Soup (10 points), Salad (1 point), Chobani Bite (3 points) 
  • Dinner-- Brown Rice and Veggies (5 points) 
I am really trying friends... I will MAKE this happen... NO more Funk (right, Court?)


Also, stay tuned for updates on some big life changes... 

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