Sunday, May 5, 2013

3 Day Cleanse and Updates

So... It's almost Monday again!  And while I haven't completed my entire list of goals yet, I am feeling pretty good.

BUT there is something new and exciting... Tomorrow I am starting a 3-Day Cleanse... I am very nervous about it.  I am thinking I am going to be hungry.  But I am also excited to try it.  I found it online as a "kick start" to healthier eating.  It makes me nervous.  I've never done one.  But this doesn't seem like it will be too bad.  And my amazing boyfriend helped me doing the shopping.  I won't lie, it was really expensive... But I am hoping it will get me excited to eat healthier and make my body feel better... Sorry for the crazy random musings... :-)  There is just a lot I think about it... And what I am hoping will be the outcomes.

The Fridge All Stocked Up!

Ready to be blended in the morning!

Here are updates on the goals I set for this week...
1) Buy new running shoes. COMPLETED!
2) Buy new workout clothes (2 shirts, 1 pants) COMPLETED!
3) Fold all the clothes in my room on the floor. Not completed yet.
4) Clean up the study. Started... Not quite completed.
5) Write on thing that I like about myself every day on a list.
    TUESDAY- My hair.  I like my hair.  It's long and shiny.  It feels nice to play with.  And it looks good on most days.
    WEDNESDAY- My passion.  I love that I am passionate about things.  Sometimes to a fault.  But I love that I care so much.  It makes life better (and harder sometimes).  I feel very fulfilled by the things I do because of this.
    THURSDAY- My smile.  I feel like it makes others happy. 
    FRIDAY- The relationships I create with people.  They aren't full of fluff.  They are meaningful and real. 
    SATURDAY- My eyes.  They sparkle when I am happy.  And I think they are pretty. 
    SUNDAY- My energy.  I do think I have a lot to share with world and my positive energy is something I love to share! 
6) Run two times. Work out with Courtney once. And be ok with three times this week! Not completed yet BUT STARTED... Two workouts with Courtney COMPLETE and one really long walk with the boyfriend!  

The two runs haven't happened yet and might not before Tuesday... But I am ok with that.  As the next week of weight watchers begins, I will make sure to post my new goals and keep rocking it out... 


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