Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Am Thankful For

So, around this time of year I get super stressed.  Every holiday has a focus on food.  Cookies, cakes, potatoes, pies, Thai food... Yes, it's that time... Where food is everywhere you look!

However, instead of writing about food on this Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I thought I would write about what I am thankful for.   As my students were writing about what they are thankful for, it really made me think about my life, what I have, and how lucky I am!

On a big scale I am thankful for:

  • My Family 
  • My boyfriend 
  • The Children of Eden experience and the people I met
  • One Voice Mixed Chorus 
  • My weight watchers friends 
  • My work friends 
  • My Team 3/4 family 
  • My healthiness journey
  • My passion for working with children 
  • My Teach For America/Institute friends 
  • The friends who I have stayed in touch with since high school and college 

As far as my healthiness journey.  I am thankful that:

  • I wear size 8 or 10 pants 
  • I don't loath clothing shopping 
  • I can wear more form fitting outfits 
  • I can run a 5K
  • I can do zumba without a struggle 
  • I can get ready to go out with out crying 
  • I feel confident in how I look 
Last year at this time I was feeling super great about how I look.  However, looking back, I have come a long way even since then!  :-)  For that I am also thankful.  My belief in myself and the change in my eating patterns! 
Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving-ish 2011

This Thanksgiving I am going to try and focus on my family, spending quality time with them, and not on the food... :-)  This Holiday time I want to think about the things that I am thankful for and make choices so that this time next year I continue to be thankful for these things (and my healthiness)!! 

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