Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back on the Wagon in Pictures

Last week did not go well.  I went up almost 4 pounds and felt AWFUL all week!  After our WW meeting on Tuesday and dinner with Shelby (we talked shop a lot!  she gave me a lot of ideas!), I decided I wanted to seriously get back on the wagon this week.  So, as of today, I am back on!  I am showing you proof in pics!  Enjoy!!

Planning for the week.  Obstacles, workouts, and my grocery list. 

Today's Tracker. 

My groceries!!!

Chobani Yogurt!  3 or 4 points! 

Annie's Dressing.  2 tbsp=1 point OR 2 tbsp=4 points

MorningStar sausages!  Some good protein for only 2 points! 

Prepping for my salads!

3 salads for 3 days!  With the tbsp of dressing it's only 1 point! 

Salads ready!

Bags of peppers!

Bags of grapes! 

My sweet boyfriend helping count out crackers!! Gotta <3 a supportive boyfriend. 

Crackers-- Each bag only 3 points a piece.

Pirates Booty-- Each bag only 3 points a piece.

My Weight Watcher shelf ready to go for the upcoming weeks!  

Tomorrow all planned!  Dinner at Olive Garden Included! 
Super excited for the week ahead!  I WILL stay on plan!  I CAN do this!


  1. You are a rockstar!!! I am so proud of you!! And so glad we went to dinner! Can't wait to hear about how you liked the new foods!! Keep it up chicka and remember, I'm here for you always!

  2. Ah girl way to be prepared. I'm putting myself back on the wagon this week too. It was really fun to see your groceries! I'm not on Weight Watchers and ever since PointsPlus happened I don't really know what points mean BUT our groceries still overlap.

    I'm addicted to Chobani, morningstar, Annie's.

    Let's do it up right, girl okay?

  3. Oh my gosh, I love that you just taught me the greatest thing about writing the points values right on the container. I've never done that and it's brilliant. And I love all the preparation of bagging everything up into portion size ahead of time. Love it. Go, go, go Emily!

  4. Way to be on plan and committed!