Saturday, November 19, 2011

Changing Behaviors and My Choir Tour

The past couple weeks have been pretty terrible as far as eating is concerned.  I have been going through some mid-life "crisis" type feelings, despite the fact that I am not really in the middle of my life and it's not really a crisis.  Nonetheless, the uncertainty of my life path and the ending of a life-changing experience has caused my eating patterns to go wacky.  I still lost .6 pounds last week, but I truly think it was a fluke.  My eating habits have been just awful.

Needless to say, I was very nervous about the eating habits on my choir tour this weekend!  Choir tour is one of my favorite parts of the fall.  We get to shove on a two buses, ride to some city in far away Minnesota, sing for audiences, and hang with amazing people.  As you can well imagine, a bus ride warrants TONS of snacks!  My favorites in the past have included twizzlers, combos, chex mix, muffins.  Those sorts of foods. 

This year I went in prepared.  I packed only weight watchers snacks or snacks that I had counted the point value.  I went with the intention that I might go over my points a bit, but my goal was to be a better eater than I was in the past.  To not snack or purposely pick the most unhealthy food because of the f* it mentality.  That has been my big downfall lately.  Just saying f* it when the going is getting tough. 

My snacks!
Giving people cheese but not eating ANY!
However, I did an amazingly good job!  I did go over points, but I feel really good about the choices I made.  I DIDN'T snack AT ALL on the bus today and on the way up I did very little snacking!  Today I took all the bread off of my turkey club and made it into a lettuce wrap.  And I chose to make the whole weekend about the people and the music, and NOT about the food like I have in the past. 

Note the bread on the side that was NOT eaten!
I had an amazing weekend.  Was I perfect with my eating?  No.  Am I starting to figure out that this is a marathon and not a sprint?  Yes. 

I am proud of myself for this weekend and I know that as we head into Thanksgiving I am giving myself the tools for success!  And additionally, I am beginning to really realize how lucky I am for the experiences and people in my life.  :-)  More posts this week. 

My new HOT dress!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Really really really cute dress!

  2. Awesome job Emily. I love reading your posts. It makes me feel close to you.

  3. You are a rockstar! I'm so proud of you!!