Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One Mouse Accomplished

I am fighting a cold. My nose is red. I can't stop coughing. My body aches. My head hurts. And despite all that I am smiling. I dragged my sick self to weight watchers tonight. The results were very exciting. 

Down 3.6 pounds!!!

I have reached my first incentive!!!! A brand new, wireless mouse for work! Woo hoo!!!! 

7 pounds in 3 weeks!
Down almost 30 from my very beginning weight. 
4 pounds away from my next incentive!

Even more importantly I feel great. I'm working out more. Walking 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week. Eating better. And am following my deal to myself to only get a fancy caribou coffee after 5 days of working out. I'm making big, big changes. 

I feel so pumped. 184 pounds. The last time I weighed 184 pounds was 5-28-13. 

This week is going to be a bit challenging working out wise. Especially if I am still not feeling well tomorrow. However, here is my plan. 
Wed: 60 minutes with Courtney
Thurs: None
Fri: 60 minutes with Courtney, 30 minutes walking
Sat: 30 minutes walking, 40 minutes yoga
Sun: 30 minutes walking
Mon: 30 minutes with Courtney, 30 minutes walking 

My friend Chloe has asked me to blog more often. I think I would like to try that again. I'm looking for good topics to write about. Send me ideas. 

Since rehearsals for Urinetown are over, I am trying to find activities and ways of keeping me motivated in the evenings. I am thinking that blogging is one of them!

As I cough myself to sleep tonight, I am going to be smiling knowing that I am on an awesome path and will continue to get healthy. By June, when I leave for NYC I won't be nervous about gaining because my habits will have changed and working out will be a part of my routine!

Thank you for your support!!!!!! :) 

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