Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Emily Tinawi 2014 Weight Loss Incentive Program

That was my weigh in today.  191. 

Still 22 from my original weight on 1-12-10 but not at all what I want. 

I am not feeling very healthy.  I think that is the bigger problem.  

My knee has been acting up. 

All this means... It's SERIOUSLY time.  I mean really.  
I know, I know.  "Emily, you keep saying that and nothing changes."  I am embarrassed to admit that I have been THE WORST this past year.  And I feel it.  I don't feel great.  Not just because I don't look the way I want or because my clothes don't fit, although that doesn't help.  I don't feel in shape and able to go up the stairs without getting winded.  That is where it is really not ok.  

I am beginning to start thinking about a family and starting my own family.  Stop getting all crazy in your head!  No NOW!  Or even in the next two-three years.  But the thought has been growing in my mind.  And I want to be ready for that.  I want to be able to keep up with my kids and carry them around and play soccer in the yard.  Living like that isn't an overnight thing.  It's a mindset.  It's a lifestyle.  And I HAVE to get back in the habit of taking care of myself.

SO... Here are the steps that I am taking this month to get me back on track. 
  1. For the next TWO weeks I am going to do the Weight Watchers Simple Start!  
  2. In order to get a fancy drink at Caribou, I need to do 4 days of cardio!  In addition to my 5 days a week with Courtney (3 weight based sessions, 1 cardio session, 1 yoga session).
  3. My E. Tinawi Weight Loss Incentive Program
I am pretty pumped about the last part.  I am going to give myself rewards along the way.  I used to do food incentives but this time I am trying some NEW!  I know a lot of people that have done incentives and they have worked for them.  Plus I like getting treats, so that's a BONUS!  So, I decided that for every 5 pounds I lose, I will earn something nice for myself.  Without further adieu...

The Emily Tinawi 2014 Weight Loss Incentive Program
  • 185 pounds-- Buy a new wireless mouse for my desk at work  
  • 180 pounds-- Gel mani/pedi 
  • 175 pounds-- Show at the Ordway/Orpheum
  • 170 pounds-- Spa Treatment of some kind
  • 165 pounds-- Night trip away somewhere/$100 spending money 
  • 160 pounds-- JD Date Day (planned by Joshua himself) 
  • 155 pounds-- $200 Shopping Spree
  • 150 pounds or below-- DISNEY TRIP SUMMER 2015!!!!!! (weight must be maintained until summer of 2015).

JD and I went to Disney for our first anniversary.  It was super fun.  It will be our 5 year anniversary in 2015 so the trip will be a combined YAY almost goal and anniversary trip!

And so I begin!  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go on a trip to Disney again.  It would be amazingly FUN and awesome!!!  And all my other incentives are things that I want that I can't justify just spending money on. They will feel awesome, however, to earn. 

I've done it before.  I can do it again.  Wireless Mouse!!!  Here I come... 

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