Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy day... You can't get me down!

I have a busy day today.  Busy busy busy.

8 am workout
9 am coffee date
10-12 am volunteering at my old school
12-1 pm lunch/work in the office
1-3 pm go out and meet with potential sponsors
3-7 pm work in the office
7-9 pm board meeting
9-10:30 pm travel home and make sure I am memorized for tomorrow's rehearsal

It's not going to be a bad day, just busy.  And if it wasn't clear by my schedule, after I leave at 8 am I will not be returning home until 10:30 pm.  So, I had two choices I could choose from.  Eat out for dinner and pick up quick meals/snacks in between everything OR make all my food in the morning to take with me for the day.

Before I give away which I chose (although you probably could guess), I want to let you in on my mood today.  I am feeling very proud of myself.  Yesterday I went over my points more than I had intended.  I used 6 flex that I wasn't planning on.  But here is the great thing about my WW reboot... I remember that THAT'S OK!  I don't need to toss in the towel because I ate a couple extra points! AND it wasn't on anything terrible.  I had veggies and ranch dressing!  Between that and skittles, which is better?  EXACTLY!  So, I am ok with my 6 points over.  And today I am making up for it by planning the entire day and MAKING SURE I stay on that plan!

And so, spoiler alert, I chose planning my whole day, preparing it, and taking it with me... So for your reading pleasure... Presenting Emily's Food For Thursday...

My food for today

Let me break it down for you meal by meal!

Kale and Sausage (2 points)

Afterwork snack
Kale and Sausage again (2 points)

Salad w/left over beef stroganoff (no noodles!) (8 points)
Carrots/Cucumbers with KEFIR ranch dressing (which is so so good) (3 points)
Apples and my amazing cream cheese (3 points)

Salad w/carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, sliced up turkey and the ranch dressing (5 points)
Apples and cream cheese (3 points)

Water (at least 5 water bottles full)
Coffee with milk x2 (2 points)

Ok, I know what you are going to say.  And if you know me you know these meal choices are very typical of "can't do anything in moderation Tinawi".  I get on "kicks".  So right now, I am ALL about the ranch salad and apples with cream cheese.  As I was preparing my food this morning I was actually thinking about my stir-fry kick, my plain chicken breast kick... and how funny I can be with my eating habits when I am really sticking to the plan.  But it works for me.  And truthfully, until this "kick" is over, I probably won't get bored.  Better this "kick" than my one this summer which was filled with crepes (oh, so good, but not good for me) and cheeseburgers with fries!  So, I will happily indulge in this set of foods and hope it continues to help me see results on the scale, in my body, and most importantly mentally.  I love the energy I feel everyday from kicking the crap out of my system!  

I am off to workout.  But I can feel it... Busy day you won't get me down...

And OCTOBER 31... 
15 pounds... 
here I come! 

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