Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And the results are in...

So, today is Tuesday.  Tuesday is weigh-in day.  I haven't posted any results since my WW reboot. Well... here are my results from my first two weeks REALLY being back following the WW plan...

Week 1 Loss: 
  • Total from WW reboot: -3.8 pounds
  • Total from original WW start: -22.6 pounds
Week 2 Loss: 
  • Weekly total: -3.6 pounds
  • Total from WW reboot: -7.4 pounds
  • Total from original WW start: -26.2 pounds 

I am feeling so excited about my progress!  
I am excited that I CAN do this!
I am excited that I am getting healthy! 
I am excited that I am working out with my amazing personal trainer, Courtney, 3 times a week! 
I am excited and thankful for all the support I have in my life. 
I am excited to plan my meals this week! 
I am excited to keep on my new, revitalized WW plan!
I feel GREAT!  
And not just because of the weight I am losing but because I am getting healthy! 
I am getting myself back to taking care of myself. 

And to end this entry I want share my new favorite snack.  I discovered it on accident and have been eating with at least two meals a day since. 

It is only 1 point for each tablespoon!  I eat it with an apple every day. 

As I continue on my 3rd week of WW rebooted (with pumpkin cream cheese), I am really trying to be good, stick to the plan, and create goals.  So, my goals for this week:
  • Wednesday and Thursday-- No flex 
  • Saturday and Sunday-- Use allotted flex
  • Exercise 3 days at least 
I'll update later this week with how everything is going.  Keep sending me your good thoughts and support.  I really need it! 


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