Monday, February 27, 2012

Patterns of the 160s

There are sometimes I want to kick myself.  Tonight is one of them.  I have a case of the Monday F*its.  Yup, that means that this weekend didn't go well.  Yup, that means I am going to gain tomorrow.  Yup, that means I feel kinda crappy about it.  But, I am also planning to own it.  No one else chose to eat 50 crackers and 6 tbsps of cream cheese except me.  You say disgusting, I think delicious.  :-)

What I did finally notice though, is that I had a specific pattern that I need to break.  I have 2 awesome weeks, then 2 awful weeks.  And they always even out, but I am not losing.

So, after eating all those crackers, and feeling GROSS.. full, guilty, sluggish... I have decided that my March goal is to break this cycle.  I will attempt to stay on plan for all of March, even Spring Break!  And I will track everything!  And if I accomplish it, I will celebrate with non-food items!

My other March goal is that I will work out at least 3 days each week (not including rehearsals).

I can do this!!!! :-)

I found some old pictures last night and I couldn't even believe that the person in the picture is me.  I have to keep fighting the good fight.  I need to keep making this a priority in my life.  This is the time of the year I get apathetic!  But not this year... we will call it my own kind of March Madness!!!

So, while I will stay on plan Tuesday/Wednesday... and then March 1, the CHALLENGE BEGINS!!

Below is the photo I was talking about... I hope it inspires you a bit too!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. yo, this is Shazam from Oberlin (you know my Feldman cousins!)

    can i just tell you i think you are awesome??!?!

    i see your posts every once in a while on facebook. it's amazing what you did with willpower and personal strength. i've gone up and down a lot over the years. i'm about 20 lbs down from my heaviest ever (summer after freshman year of college, eep) but i've been 10 lbs lighter than what i am now, and i'd like to be 20 lbs lighter. the past few months i've gone up and down with dieting/exercise. this past month i started eating meat again and it's helped a ton with my energy levels. i like your whole MARCH MADNESS thing. i wanted to start exercising again in the past month but i think just eating meat and starting school/a new internship has distracted me. but i'm with you on this, it's time to get out of the waffling zone and into the or something. my pattern is similar to yours, although going overboard is something i do a ton less now. i don't feel as bad when i eat some carbs (been trying to eat like a caveman/paleo) or overeat in genereal, and so i don't eat till i feel crappy like i have done in the past. it's nice to know the cycle of feeling bad/eating more/feeling worse/eating even more is slowly winding down.

  2. Lady, you're great. I had a similar response to YOUR PICTURES OF ME. And blogged about it, of course. (

    I'm going to try and come up with a March Madness goal myself! Let's keep eachother honest, shall we?

  3. Hey! I really like to do this one workout called Turbo Jam. Maybe we can do it together as a way to reconnect! Seriously, Turbo Jam makes me feel like a million bucks. Whaddya think??

    1. Yes! Although I think I know who this is, I am not positive... :-) But I am game!!

  4. You are a rockstar Emily! I'm so proud of of you :) I am ready and excited to help support you!! Btw... your new sidebar pictures (the "From Here" "To Here") picture are astounding! You look amazing! I know you can do it!! Love you!!!!!!!