Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling Deprived

I really should be lesson planning right now.  I mean, REALLY REALLY should be.  But instead, I am feeling compelled to blog.

For the last couple of weeks I have started to feel frustrated by something that people say at Weight Watchers meetings.  I know I SHOULDN'T be feeling this way.  However, I can't help but share my feelings.

We spend time talking about our 49 flex points and how that should keep me from feeling deprived.  By using those I SHOULD be able to go out and enjoy myself and not feel like I can't eat certain things.  But I think that is one of my big issues lately.  I DO feel deprived.  I DO feel like I can't eat what I want.  And I know that is part of this process, part of the big life change... But, it's hard to go out for Chinese and really feel like I can't eat sesame chicken with rice.  To know that if I go out for Mexican and eat fajitas from Don Pablos on a Thursday, that means that I will probably not get to have another meal out that week.  And now that my schedule is getting even crazier I am having to eat out more and more.  Therefore, I am really struggling to eat food, feel full, and stay within points.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't find half of a subway sandwich filling.

Also, in order to eat a breakfast that will keep me full until 12:10, I have to use a good amount of points. And in order to feel full until the end of school I have to use another good amount of points.  So, by the time I get to dinner I don't have very many points.  And when I eat out I have to use a good amount of points.  So I really feel like I don't ever have enough points.

Then, when people are talking about not feeling deprived, I really try to understand how people aren't feel deprived.  Perhaps if I was eating more vegetables and filling foods.

But the truth is, I am feeling deprived.

So, it's Thursday.  I have to make it to Tuesday evening and I only have 9 flex points left.  I don't know how on Earth that is going to happen.  I guess this week it is my goal to figure out how I can not feel deprived.  How I can get my mind to wrap itself around the fact that I truly CAN'T eat as much as I used to.

I don't know if this post even makes sense, but it is just something that I wanted to get off my chest.


  1. I totally get this. I'm also struggling with the timing of meals (6:30am, 10:30am and 6:30pm is just not working for me) and carrying enough food to get me through. It's the second week of school and already I'm tired of making lunches. This is a bad sign.

  2. This happened to me too! I work a 9-5 and my lunch break is at 2-3. I would get to work and feel like I'd have to eat a TON to get me through the day. One of my friends (in a similar situation) said that she brings 2-3 snacks and staggers them throughout her morning. And I don't know how possible that would be for you, but it's been a real game-changer for me. I wake up, have a small piece of fruit, get to work have a small yogurt (let's be real Chobani has a line of yogurt for children that is 100 calories and DELICIOUS), and then have a Luna or Clif bar somewhere between 11 and 12. And then I'm set.

    Obviously, I don't know much about points, and I really don't know a lot about the NEW points, but if you find a way to stagger snacks, I bet you'll find you can get yourself through the morning on fewer points.

  3. Hey Emily, When I was on WW (and now, still) I'll eat a Fiber One bar between breakfast and lunch. I'm also running around a classroom all morning and I know how starving you can get, but the bar really fills me up. Hope that helps! -Sari Gardner...from OMTA!