Saturday, March 2, 2013

Remember the time...

Remember the time that I was in my 150s and it was amazing... and then remember the time that I gained 25 pounds back and was at 180 again?!?!?!?!?! Oh right... that is right now.

A wise person pointed out to me tonight that I haven't blogged in a long time.  And she is totally correct.  I am embarrassed of where I am.  I am embarrassed of how much I have fallen off the wagon... And I am embarrassed that my clothes don't fit.  I have been eating like crap and sitting on my butt and it shows in my body...

So wah wah wah wah... There goes my complaining and now I am done... Because it does me NO good to whine... It does me no good to wallow.  And luckily, since Wednesday, I really started to DO SOMETHING about it...

There are a couple of steps I am taking to ensure that I get back on track... 

  1. Start blogging again.  It really does help me. 
  2. Run a 5k.  I have four 5ks in my calendar.  I WILL be running in all four of them!  Thanks to a very dear friend of mine who is training with me... She got this lazy girl off of her butt.  We are doing the Couch to 5k (C25K) training plan)
  3. Meet with Courtney AT LEAST once a week.  We have training sessions and other classes planned that I WILL go to and WILL work my hardest in! 
  4. Be BETTER with my eating.  I didn't say be perfect or be amazing... but I do want to be better.  Especially because recently I learned I have to go gluten free.  I am re-learning how to eat and I want to be aware of how much I am eating and the points (not just gluten or not). 
  5. Get back on track NO MATTER WHAT.  There are times that I will fall off.  It happens.  But what I need to be better at is getting BACK ON TRACK!  Not just saying, "Oh f* it." 
  6. Participate in the PriorFatGirl Dietbet.  By March 30, I need to have lost 7.34 pounds.  It's part of a large online diet bet.  We all pooled money and if you win you and whoever else achieves their goal splits the money.  The pot is $7,820.  There are over 700 of us in on the bet.  I WILL be one of the people that achieves my goal!
 In the spirit of being open and honest (no matter how embarrassed I am)... I am going to post my weigh-ins each week... Because I want more than anything to be at my goal weigh of 145 and even more attainable is just to be back in the 160s.  Therefore I will post my weigh-ins and weekly workout and food plans here to help keep me accountable.

This past week: 

Tuesday- C25K Week 1, Workout 1 AND personal training
Wednesday- no workout
Thursday-  C25K Week 1, Workout 2
Friday- Body Pump Class
Saturday- Dance Class
Tomorrow-  C25K Week 1, Workout 3

Next week: 
Monday- C25K Week 2, Workout 1
Tuesday- Momentum Class
Wednesday- C25K Week 2, Workout 2
Thursday- Off
Friday- Body Pump Class
Saturday- Dance Class
Sunday- C25K Week 2, Workout 3

I can do this... I can do this... I can do this...

So, be aware... the next post I post will state "remember the time I got back on the wagon and kicked serious rear.. oh wait, that is now!"

Wish me luck.  (and send me facebook, email, text messages if I don't write a new blog entry).

It's time to go from this:

Back to this:


  1. You can do it! Also, if you want to hang out and see what a 5k is like w/o actually having to run it, you should come cheer me on on St. Patrick's Day - I'm running one at Como Park, and it'd be great to see you!