Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back On Track

Good Morning My Bloggin' Friends!

I am proud to say that I am feeling like I am getting back on track.  And I am more than proud of myself for my accomplishments this past week... Here is what I have to celebrate about...

1) 1.5 pounds lost!
2) Working out 6 days... YES 6 days out of 7 last week!!!  And as Peg pointed out, I am not just lightly working out, I am kicking my own butt during workouts!
3) I completed C25K Week 1 and did Week 2 Day 1 with SOME ease (although I thought I was going to die when I finished).
4) I found some new delicious gluten-free food.

So, I am proud to say that I weighed in at 180.6.  While I am still not amused to be SO above 160, I am PROUD that I am going in the right directions.  And I and 1/7 the way to being a winner for the DietBet.

This is it... The time is now... AND I have all my workouts planned this week.  6 out of 7 again!  Who knew I would become a working out machine?!?! Certainly not me.

Before I leave for Europe I will be as close to 150 as possible.  I know I can do it!!

And before I sign off for the day... a special shout out to Chloe, who I know will make me continue to blog.  Your energy seriously helps me keep going. :-)

Happy Wednesday all!

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