Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No More Sucking In

Hello all!

Last time we spoke I was on a good path... a path of success and loss... While I am still bound and determined to be in the 160s before summer, there have been some minor setbacks.  I am on track for my Couch To 5k (C25K).  A couple days behind, but more or less on track.  I have been working out at least 5 days a week.  And I have been eating gluten free.

But, I have not been losing.  I have not been tracking.  And I have not been making good choices.  I am currently on a two-week physical therapy stint in Rochester, MN.  All is well!  I am perfectly fine.  We are just fixing some things that should have been fixed long ago.  It is difficult to make awesome choices when you are living a hotel.  It is difficult to make awesome choices when you end the day exhausted.  I feel like I give a thousand excuses why I can eat whatever I want.  But, clearly, I am not going to lose that way.

Yesterday my physical therapist told me some distressing news.  I am not longer allowed to suck in.  EVER.  It's adding to the stress on my body.  When I got home from the appointment I looked in the mirror at my gut hanging out... Feel slightly depressed and frustrated I had the realization that I need to have that be part of this long-term health goal.  To get to point where I feel like I can stand normally and not need to suck in.  Tonight is my night off from the gym.  Tomorrow is more zumba and running.  Friday is Body Pump.  Saturday and Sunday running. :-)  I am SO on it!

This WILL happen.  Here's to two weeks of living in a hotel and making good (not amazing, but not bad) choices!

Happy Wednesday! :-)

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  1. Just last week my chiropractor told me no more sucking in. It's amazing the stress it puts on the back, digestive organs, and body as a whole. I hope your 2 weeks go well. When you're back at school we can help each other remember "no more sucking in!"