Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Magic Journal

I am reading a book to my students called There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom.  In the story Bradley, the main character, gets a book from his school counselor.  Good things start to happen to him and he begins to believe that the book is lucky.  He believes that the book is actually the thing that is causing all the wonderful things to happen to him.  When in reality, it's his choices and the way that people are treating him that are making the new, great things happen to him.

Yesterday at my Tuesday night Weight Watchers meeting I acquired such a book.  It's called the "magic journal" and one person from our meeting takes it for the week.  Throughout the week I have to track everything I eat (like I would do normally) but in a book that is going to get passed from WWer to WWer.  So, the pressure is on.  Doubly because this is the first week our particular meeting group is doing it.  Triply because our meeting leader said that whoever has the magic journal will lose weight.   But again, HA, no pressure.  :-)

Well, so far the magic journal is doing its job.  I made good choices today.  I tracked it all and was kept from making some terrible, terrible choices!!  JD and I went to Olive Garden.  When we decided to go there all I could think about was lots of cheese, noodles, oil, and deliciousness. :-)

However, with my MAGIC JOURNAL I made GREAT decisions at Olive Garden.  Not only did I only eat 1 breadstick, NO salad, and 1 bowl of soup... I also had 1/2 my meal boxed before they brought it to my table.  I also only had one tiny bite of the mint and gave the rest to JD.

 So, not only did I feel full, eat less, but also have lunch for tomorrow!! 

I am really feeling proud of myself!  I know that it's not just the magic journal that is making these things happen, but that it's my choices that are helping.  I had a personal training session that went well, ate out without overeating, and only went over by 8 points.  So, thank you magic journal for a successful day 1!!  I hope the others are just as awesome!

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  1. You are amazing! I am so proud of you and happy that you have the journal this week!! You are going to set an amazing example for the rest of us to use it! Thanks for being my WW buddy and my friend for life! Love you!