Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Mess Full of Thoughts

A Life Time Journey
Last week's weigh in did not go well... I knew it wouldn't.  Last week I was an EATING MACHINE!!!  I ate so much food.  McDonalds, Chipotle. Fries (like 4 times).  Pancakes.  LOTS of Twizzlers.  Chex Mix. M and Ms.  Yup, I ate and ate and ate. 

Now, normally when I write a post about my cruddy eating habits there is also a certain amount of frustration and whining about my choices.  However, this past week I sort of became zen with it.  There are going to be weeks in life that you just can't make THE BEST choices.  When other people are cooking you food, sometimes you can't say no.  And sometimes you don't want to say no.  And I think this way of thinking is really where the lifestyle change has come.  It would be easy to say, "Meh.  Oh well, fell off the wagon.  Guess I'll stay here..." But instead... back on I get.  I refuse to give up.  I refuse to let one, two, three, four weeks of bad eating take me off the path!  For as long as I live I have made the decision to be healthy and not give up when things get hard!!!

And truthfully... Right now, I couldn't do it without my friend Shelby.  She is my rock.  When I feel crappy, she makes me feel better.  When I feel awesome, she high fives me.  When I have a moment where I think I can't do it, I look at her and know I can (she looks GOOD!).  When I want to have an f* it day, she helps me get back on.  And every Tuesday when I walk into Weight Watchers, we hug, and I know I am not alone.  I feel lucky that I have her.

New Exercise
And today someone new came into my life.  My new personal trainer Courtney.  I didn't really let her know that I would be blogging about her.  But, I am sure she won't mind.  I am excited for our new exercise partnership.  When my last personal trainer told me she was pregnant, I was kind of devastated and I kind of gave up.  I didn't want to work out with anyone else.  I LOVE her and I loved how we worked together and it didn't seem like it would ever be fun again.  As many of you know, I HATE HATE HATE working out and it's hard for someone to make me enjoy our time together.  I miss her.  She is just awesome and I found myself thinking about our workouts together as I began my new adventure with Courtney. (I hope that at some points I can have 2 personal trainers and work with them both. :-))  However, until that time it's just Courtney and me.  And I have to say that this morning kicked my butt, but was good.  It felt good to be back working out.  Getting rid of the flabby arms and toning up some of my body.  And she was very patient as I had to sit and think about not throwing up.  She was supportive and I can tell that this is going to be a symbiotic relationship. 

In addition to Courtney, I have brought in another new member(s?) into my life... My roller blades!!! I LOVE them.  I am still scared out of my mind when I use them.  But I am way more excited to use them than I thought I would be... and I better use them... they weren't cheap. 

I call them the Ice Cream Cones... because to me they look like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  I feel free like a bird when I skate on them and I am getting excited to spend more time on them.   I look forward to blogging more about them and telling you how it goes.  I can tell you that 40 minutes on them is 8 exercise points... HECK YA!

Two TOTALLY Unrelated Food Things (unrelated to each other and the rest of this post)
I made chicken and roasted vegetables tonight.  And it was good.  I wanted to share because I feel proud of the choices I made today and the food that I made today. :-)

So, random and unrelated... I decided, just for something new, different, and fun.  That for this week, I am going to do a smoothie and vegetables for lunch everyday.  I started today at lunch.  I didn't LOVE the smoothie, but it had a lot of protein and I had a salad and I felt satisfied.  I will be interested to see how it goes.  Wish me luck. :-)

Those are the thoughts that I leave you with today... I am actually off to roller blade.  I will post again soon.

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