Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Does My Stomach Say?

And yes, I did sing the fox song when I typed that.

This week I learned something very interesting.  As I have been listening to my body, I realize that it is actually quite smart.  It actually does try and tell me when I am full.  It does  try and tell me what is good for me and what is not.  Crazy, I know!

Listening to my body I have made some giant realizations!  I have learned that I crave bad, unhealthy food. Greasy, cheesy, delicious, disgusting food. I taste a bit and I want more.  I see it and I want to eat it. I smell it and I want to eat it.

This past weekend I ate:

  • Fried pickles
  • Mozzarella sticks 
  • 3 pieces of gluten free pizza
  • Greasy Chinese food

Each time I was giddy with excitement to eat what was in front of me.  I had flex points to use and felt good about eating them.  They looked delicious.  They looked like something that would bring me happiness.

The truth. 

I felt bloated, gross, and uncomfortable.  None of those foods made me happy.  In fact, they made me sluggish.  They made me feel yucky.  They made me feel completely uncomfortable, sitting and standing.  

And it hit me.  DING!  This is part of my battle.  Remembering that feeling.  Listening to my body.  Trying to fight against my desires and impulses.  Ignoring the "want" and choosing the healthy.  That is so much easier said then done.  But as I continue to work on getting healthier and taking better care of myself.  It is something that I will try and keep in mind. The continuous struggle between healthy and unhealthy. I need to start paying better attention.  I NEED to be aware of this battle.  This is going to help me stay with this new lifestyle.  

So, what does my stomach say? 
"Don't listen to your taste buds or impulses! Eat healthy!" 
(Cheesy but true) 

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