Sunday, June 30, 2013

London Blog

While I am in London and Ireland I will be posting blog posts about my trip.  I will only be posting on this blog if it's food or weight related.  :-)

Here is the link:

Thanks for being supportive!!!

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  1. A couple of thoughts are going through my mind for you, Emily. Thought one: Make sure to put yourself in your Europe photos no matter how you feel about how you look. You want to remember how you felt, and what you did, and that's a good reason to take pictures. Thought two: It will be more difficult for you to follow a plan this summer, since you will not have as much control over food choices. You will have control over portion size, however, and that might help. Sometimes a bite or two might be enough. Thought three: Without a car, you will be walking more, and this may help. Congrats on the time reduction on your 5K. That's huge! I believe in you!