Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It Doesn't Get Old

Today I got to show off the new me to a co-worker.  We have worked together for a year, but he never saw the Old Emily.  He never knew her.  The one who cried on Friday nights because being the "fat" friend at the bar was too much.  The one who would EASILY put away McDonalds for breakfast, Noodles and Company for a snack, and Chipotle (burrito and chips) for dinner.  The Emily who was sad and uncomfortable all the time, but tried to hide it with low-cut shirts and a big personality.

The big personality is there, however, the other habits and feelings are starting to go away.  However, I forget that there are people in my life who didn't know me then.  This co-worker is one of those people.  I was tracking my points today and he said, "You are so diligent!  I am proud of you!"  And I said, "I have to be!"  Which led to a conversation about the before and after... and eventually to my blog.  I showed him my last post with the school photos and the AWFUL photo of me in the white wife beater (see before and after pictures if you want to see it).  His face was dumbfounded.  It could have been an act to make me feel better, but I truly don't think so.  He looked like he didn't believe me.  Like I was making up the girl in the photo.  His reaction made my day. 

You would think after months of looking different that it would get old to hear, "You look so good!" or "Oh my god!  That was you?!"  However, after years of feeling like s*it, it seriously doesn't get old.  

I am sure that people in my life are sick of hearing about my points, my clothes that are too big, and the old Emily.  BUT, in times of plateau and frustration, it is really nice to have reminders of how far I have come. :-)  

So if you think a nice thought about someone, share it!  Who doesn't like to be told they look good.  
And for us priorfatgirls...  NO, it doesn't get old! :-)


  1. I was seriously thinking about this exact thing earlier and how the comments never get old. I was going to blog about it :) I'm so proud of you!! And so glad I have you in my life!! XoX

  2. Awesome! I kind of think of food in points too now. I didn't want to "waste" points on junk food I didn't love. Made me laugh!

  3. I just read this article that I thought you might find interesting. I don't necessarily agree with the points the writer makes. Especially at the beginning of my weightloss I HATED getting complimented on how I looked because it made me feel pressured. I've definitely gotten used to it now and actually enjoy it sometimes.

  4. I'm posting a comment to say yay compliments!, I hope the show is going well, and just to comment because I love getting comments on my blog, and I've been a lurker on yours.

    See you soon.