Monday, January 31, 2011

Professional Development Days

Today was one of those days that is a true test of character and will power.  It was professional development at work.  You know what I am talking about.  Those days that are filled with free bagels and cream cheese.  The kind of day where lunch is out at a restaurant and there is little to no "good" choices.  That was my day today.

I try to plan these days out, have a good idea of what is going to happen. However, today that didn't help my situation.  I started with McDonald's oatmeal, but when I got to school, I saw the bagels and I had to get one.  However, I indulged in only half and ditched the oatmeal.  Lunch was all planned until we got to the restaurant and it was closed... well, blast.  So then I had to change my plan again.  But I made pretty good choices at the OG... only 2 breadsticks, salad with dressing on the side, and soup.  The OLD Emily, the evil one with low self-esteem and low willpower would have taken 6-8 breadsticks, soup, salad with all the dressing, and an entire pasta dish.  AND eaten it all.  In one sitting.  So, even though I felt full and ate more points than intended, it's an awesome feeling to know that some things have changed. 

This evening was a meal of chicken, rice, twizzlers, and artichoke hearts.  The twizzlers, not the greatest, but we all need to indulge a little.

I don't think that this post gives great wisdom to anyone, but I know that this is my way of being accountable... or not.  Depending on what's happening. 

Tomorrow's the weigh-in.  Wish me luck.


  1. Good Luck you high self esteem Tinawi you!

  2. Keep it Emily! The changes are obvious.

  3. My nutritionist says that if you ate 3 brownies at a picnic one year and this year you had 1 brownie, that's progress. I'm on a similar journey, and I'm so happy you're blogging.